Most of my arrangements are some sort of re-compositions as I seek to grasp the esssence of the original work while at the same time trying to transform the piece into something personal and unique.
I may take the mood as a point of departure – as I’ve done the carol ‘Maria durch ein Dornwald ging’, or try to find a more contemporary approach to an old standard – as in Weill’s ‘Speak Low’, or I might zoom in on a piece of the lyrics – as I’ve done in the Ellngton piece. Please have a listen to the examples below:

re-composition of Ellington’s ‘Prelude To A Kiss’
zooming in on ‘… a Schubert tune with a Gershwin touch …’ using ‘Der Müller und der Bach’ by … Schubert
Kristina Fuchs (voice)
Gerard Presencer (trumpet)

arrangement by Renard A. Aust of a Christmas Carol from the 16th century

Robert Menzel (soprano Sax)
Marcus Rust (trumpet)
Martin Schulze (trombone)
Karsten Wilck (double bass)
Hannes Lingens (drums)
with a special appearance by
Aline Kouri (harp)

recorded live on December 15 2006
at Kleine Szene, Dresden, Germany

Arrangement (or rather: ‘re-composition’) from 2002 of Kurt Weill’s ‘Speak Low’
ensemble: Nils Ostendorf (flugel), ??? (trombone), Kent O’Doherty (alto sax), Ainhoa Miranda (bassclarinet), Lars Kutschke (el. guitar), Renard A. Aust (rhodes), Wouter Muste (double bass) & Morten Nottelmann (drums)